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WWE Hall of Fame logo, 2004-present.
In professional wrestling, the WWE Hall of Fame (formerly WWF Hall of Fame) is an institution that honors selected former and current employees of World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly the World Wrestling Federation) and other figures who have contributed to wrestling and sports entertainment in general.
The Hall of Fame was created in 1993 with the induction of WWF alumnus André the Giant, who had died earlier that year. The Hall inducted additional members annually thereafter until 1996 with the 1994 and 1995 ceremonies held as part of the King of the Ring weekend, then went dormant until it was revived in 2004 to commemorate the company's twentieth WrestleMania event. The ceremony now takes place on the night before WrestleMania, in the same city as that event.
Since living inductees appear at a Hall of Fame acceptance event, induction is contingent upon the candidate being on good terms with WWE. As a result several notable alumni have not been inducted. The process by which inductees are selected is not transparent; the criteria for induction have never been disclosed. Although the Hall in theory honors those with important WWE careers, since the revival in 2004, some inductees such as Harley Race, Verne Gagne, Eddie Graham and Nick Bockwinkel, achieved much or all of their success outside of WWE, though the companies where they did achieve their success have been assimilated by WWE.[citation needed] Bruno Sammartino and Bob Backlund have each declined the WWE's Hall of Fame invitations; Bret Hart initially refused induction before changing his mind several years later.
Sammartino is an outspoken critic of the Hall of Fame, saying, "what's the point to a Hall of Fame? Is it a building I can actually go to? No." He added "look at a guy like Pete Rose. Why is he in the Hall of Fame? It's a sham."World Wrestling Entertainment has been looking into constructing or creating a facility for the Hall of Fame. WWE's Executive Vice President of Global Media Shane McMahon, has said that the WWE has been storing wrestling memorabilia in a warehouse for years, and all items are categorized and dated in case a facility is created. McMahon has stated, "I think it's probably still a couple of years away, but we're really anxious to do it."


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